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I always find with blogging that it's very much focused on new posts and sometimes the older posts get lost. Some of my older posts are my favourites so I thought I would share with you the most popular posts on here in case you missed them the first time round or fancy a re-read!

 1) The Job Hunt and The Man In Costa
"The past month or so in a word would be stressful. To the extent that not even the unlimited supply of swoon worthy Hemsworth gifs on tumblr could cheer a girl up..."

2) Her Success Is Not Your Failure
"Sometimes everyone needs a friendly reminder of this. It’s really easy to fall into the trap of feeling like a complete failure and endlessly listing comparisons between yourself and another. I’m fully guilty of it and no doubt it really plays on your mind"

3) A Quick January Favourites and Haul

This was one of my first videos that I was really happy with! "My highlight has to be the Tea Tree Night Lotion by The Body Shop, it's made my skin incredibly better as there's been a weather shift. I'm always one to be all "Yeah, sure it's a miracle worker.."when people say that but well I was wrong. My skin went from being calm to "WHAT IS HAPPENING" in the space of a week and this really did sort it out. Definitely worth the £9 price tag. (Cue Jessie J)"

"Over thinking and comparing your blog to other bloggers is something that I have done ever since I’ve started and my best advice to you is simply, don’t. Easier said than done granted but it can make you feel like you may not be doing the right sorts of things. Which is silly because what is exactly the “right thing” when it comes to blogging anyway? Believe in what your posting and that will reflect onto your readers"

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  1. What a great way to remember! I might borrow this idea (but of course just after reading some of your forgotten posts) :)

    Cylia -


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