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When I say quick, I mean a minute. Who knew it would take so long to make something so short.

I felt like trying to do something a little different this month on the favourites front and I think it may be one of my favourite videos I've made so far! I haven't spent a great deal on clothing and "bloggable" bits this month as most of my money has been spent on tickets, tickets and some more tickets whilst I should be job hunting.

My highlight has to be the Tea Tree Night Lotion by The Body Shop, it's made my skin incredibly better as there's been a weather shift. I'm always one to be all "Yeah, sure it's a miracle worker.." when people say that but well I was wrong. My skin went from being calm to "WHAT IS HAPPENING" in the space of a week and this really did sort it out. Definitely worth the £9 price tag. (Cue Jessie J)

So that's all for January!

Anything you've loved throughout the month? You can see more videos here if you wish/can bear it.



  1. I just love the way you have shot this video! So many excellent pick ups! Holly x

  2. Great video! you look beautiful!!

  3. Cute and creative video - what a fun way to share what you have collected in January.

    Rae | love from berlin


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