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It's Okay to Get Out if Your Mental Wellbeing is Being Compromised17/07/2016
My first real encounter with the idea of my future career came when I was in my final year of school when everyone was applying to university and I was completely and utterly overwhelmed. I had no idea what I wanted to do or knew if I was even ready to move away from home. Unfortunately, my school only really catered for those who wanted to go on to further education in those designated study slots so those who were unsure were left to fend for themselves. Luckily I managed to land a job which turned out to be one of the best years of my “working life” so to speak and I still miss it even now. I mean, it was a big step up from making less than average lattes which is not my greatest skill to say the least. If you can do latte art, HOW? Teach me your ways, you coffee wizard.

My role was a general office assistant for a company who supported local charities in the area and I learnt so many new skills, gained a lot more confidence within myself and at the same time gained some more qualifications in Business to add to my collection. When my placement came to an end because of funding there wasn't an opportunity to stay on full time therefore it was time for me to leave my comfort zone and find something new…entering the endless chain of finding new jobs.

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Little Mix's Tour Outfits Are Far From Raunchy

Earlier this week Little Mix embarked on their Get Weird Tour in the UK and their wardrobe have caused some sort of controversy questioning their worth as good role models for their fans.

When I first saw the photos from the first performance in Cardiff my mind didn’t immediately scream “OH THE HORROR, THEY’RE IN LEOTRADS PUT THE LIMBS AWAY” I thought that they looked incredibly beautiful and let’s be honest they are simply killing it. They aren’t the teens we first saw on the X Factor these are women in their twenties (Leigh-Anne 24, Jesy 24, Jade 23 and Perrie 22) and embracing that. These four girls have had their fair share of negative comments about how they look and to see them owning their bodies and sticking two fingers up at that is admirable. 

The IRL Panel hosted by Emma Gannon and Laura Jane Williams

I am a creature of the internet and comfort. I’ve met my best friends online, found the people that get me and become a part of communities of people that get it. However, I am not one to go to events or places alone. This was challenged when I attended the IRL Panel last week.

The IRL Panel is the brain child of Emma Gannon and Laura Jane Williams off of the internet which took place at the Twitter UK headquarters in the heart of London’s Piccadilly Circus. The event is all about “women with a lot to say” and is an event which drops the usual status quo of industry events, where follower count is everything and there’s a whole load of standards thrown at you. The event is open to anyone, which was one of the main reasons I was drawn to go. The theme of the discussion including panellists Freddie HarrelHeather Taylor Portman and Bridget Minamore, was permission.

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Troll Hunters and Online Abuse

"This week BBC Three teamed up with beauty blogger and vlogger, Em Ford (mypaleskin) to create a film highlighting the affect trolls have and exposing the perpetrators.

Em first delved into the realms of online abuse after she began to show images of herself without makeup in her tutorials and showed the impact of the negativity and hate she received through her film, You Look Disgusting which has racked up over 18million views since its release in July 2015. The video sparked a mass call for more to be done for those who send abusive messages online."

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