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I began blogging properly in 2014 as a way to fill time and distract myself from nonsense going in life and it's turned into something I really love doing! Even if I'm probably the worst blogger ever.

So, here's a few things that may help you on the blogging front.

1. Don’t over think it, believe in what your sharing
Over thinking and comparing your blog to other bloggers is something that I have done ever since I’ve started and my best advice to you is simply, don’t. Easier said than done granted but it can make you feel like you may not be doing the right sorts of things. Which is silly because what is exactly the “right thing” when it comes to blogging anyway?

Believe in what your posting and that will reflect onto your readers.

Commenting is essential for not only meeting new bloggers but also driving traffic onto your own blog. However just don’t go overboard. There’s a fine line between commenting and then just self-promo. In my opinion self-promo, done obnoxiously even if that may not be the intention, is off-putting and wouldn't make me want to click through whereas if I see a comment where you can tell someone has actually read the post and left their link with their name I’m more inclined to have a look.

A little trick if you’re not so good with html like me, instead of a un-hyperlinked link to your blog use the html below. It tidies up the comment and makes it easier for the reader to click through.

<a href=”YOURURL”>BLOGNAME</a>

3. Proof Read
Now I have been awful for this in the past. If you’re a little bit of a perfectionist this is key. There is nothing more annoying than creating a post you’re really proud of to realise you have a spelling or grammatical error. People will pick up on these quickly so it’s always best to check! Ask a friend or family member to read through and make sure everything makes sense and flows. (Ironically, I spelt beginner wrong when I posted this)

4. Timings 
Setting posts live and sharing them at the right time is something I have learnt recently and considered each time I’ve come to send a post out. Leanne Woodful posted an incredible guide to blogging which included the key times to share your material!

7am - 9am
12pm - 2pm
5pm - 7pm

5. Don’t get disheartened
Now to be a little blunt.

Blogging is hard work despite what people may think. For some it comes with a stroke of luck and the “right connections” as some people have stated in recent months. Whilst for others it’s a slow painful process. I mean you can spend hours on something, be really happy with it and not really get any anywhere. However, don’t give up at the first hurdle. If you really really really enjoy it… keep at it!

Nobody gets 12164000 followers overnight. Don't focus on the numbers. Appreciate the audience you do have and use any feedback you get to improve and keep your blog growing. Just like anything in life work hard and keep determined and it will, fingers crossed, all be worth it!

I hope this helps and if any of you have any tips or tricks, leave them below! X


  1. Thanks a lot! Very helpfull :)

  2. Those key posting times are going to come in very helpful to me, so thanks for that!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  3. Great advice, I espeically agree with the bit about self promotion I really dislike when people simply asks for follow backs in comments... why would you follow a blog you didnt like simply to increase your follower count? Seems so silly to me!

    Abigail Alice x

    1. Exactly! I totally agree. Can't stand it when all people have posted is "Follow me" and then a blog name. Ugh, I mean why would you particularly want to follow that??


  4. Great post :) Full of useful tips.

  5. The tips for the best time to post are really helpful! Thanks babe! I'm also glad of the little html tip because I've always wondered how to do it.

    Rachael xo
    Girl Behind The Blue Door

  6. These are all great tips, and I totally agree with you. No one gets a million followers overnight, it takes time and effort - just have fun with it cause that is the most important thing in my opinion :)

    xo Melane || Pure Perspective

  7. Simple and thorough post about blog traffic! We all want our blogs to be loved, and this is a great post that shows the hard work and thought that goes into every post. Thanks for posting this, it put some motivation in my day! I will not be disheartened <3

    Much much love,

    Beverly Bean

  8. This really helped a lot!
    I'm really new here and have been finding it difficult figuring out how people would find my blog etc.
    - darcy

    Darcy Victoria

  9. I love this! Sometimes I spend hours editing photos or rewriting things to make them right and get no traffic or followers. It can be disheartening like you say. I agree it is really important to remember why you started in the first place, the passion behind the blog.

    Great work!

    Jackson | Jacksons Cup Of Tea

  10. Thanks for this! I found you through Louise's post and I'm sure glad I did. Love your posts!

    x Nat

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  12. I really liked this post. I've been reading posts like this for a while now as I'm fairly new to blogging and it's always interesting to see the different advice people give. I really liked this one though, it was simple and made sense. So thanks for that! :)

    The Lens Affair

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  14. I came over from Louise's blog and I really like your "Her success is not your failure" post and this one's really helpful too, especially the time of day to post! Thanks :) x

    1. Thank you! I'm very proud of that post so i'm gald you liked it x

  15. Stats use to be a really big deal when I started because I wanted to make sure I was being heard, but after some self reflection I realized this was my way to relax and feel productive. I don't really mind not getting many views or comments cause in the future it will be like an awesome way to look back into my past. It's like a very public diary :)

    ~Cielo | BuildingTheConfidence

  16. Thank you so much for your post, this really helped me out, as being completely new on the scene!
    Let's see if this link thing works you suggested... :-D


  17. wow, thats very helpful :)

  18. Great advice thank you :)


  19. Thanks for the advice! Being a beginner myself I have been wondering about what I should be doing to get people to read my blog. I get quite nervous though thinking about the possibility of people reading my blog!

  20. Lovely post, with some great advice x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist |

  21. Great advice. I am pretty new to the whole blogging world and sometimes it gets hard not to get disheartened and stay motivated.

    Anne x


  22. Great advice. Just found this post, & it's so true. I Never click on comments that are purely just 'nice "insert link here"', really shows they haven't read the post!! or 'nice photographs' when there's one.. haha!

    Thanks for the HTML tip, going to use it now! x

    Beckie Eschle


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