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On Sunday, I went wondering around Oxford Street, which is already full of Christmas shoppers and an overwhelming amount of decorations which upsets me as it's only just turned November,

One Wagamama food baby later, it was time to head over to The Soho Theatre for Jack and Dean Live. I've been lucky enough to have been able to attend a handful of these shows starting in the summer, to Reading Festival to now. It's the perfect way to wind down before another mundane work week.

I love the atmosphere of a small room, from comedy to music shows. They're always my favourite evenings, I think its something about the intimacy of it all and the experience that offers.

I personally feel that this most recent show has been the best out of those that I have seen. I really enjoyed the newer material along with some older favourites. It just really worked for me, I wish I could think of a different word which could put that across better. I've really enjoyed the progression and to see how different audiences have reacted, but that's probably because I find that sort of thing really interesting and I love to people watch to be honest. 

I have unfortunately been gifted with the odd cackly laugh (so attractive) that was hard to maintain. I mean, I really laughed obnoxiously in some parts. Of course, the addition of the lovely and very talented Daniel J Layton who was a pleasure to watch, enabled that even further. These two really know their craft and with an ever growing following I expect that these smaller shows will evolve into bigger rooms and hopefully for those who can't make it to London to shows around the country.

I do want to mention quickly that with everything surrounding Youtube recently, It's really refreshing to step away from that, to remember and support the positive sides. (Not that any of that should be forgotten about, so please keep the conversation going). These two are always lovely to be around, I do feel as if they're good and honest people which is bold to say about people you don't really know all that well, I know.
I'm really happy for the success of the shows and for what the future holds for the duo.

Unfortunatley, their next scheduled show at The Bloomsbury theatre has been postponed until the new year, but that being said I do recommend you come and see the show for itself. You can also check out their second internet takeover on BBC Radio 1 on December 15th.


Little Side Note:

Obviously I'm not any sort of reviewer in any proffessional sense. This is all personal opinion on something I enjoy, which I hope you do/will too. Thank you for having a read!)

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  1. OMGOMGOMG!! I know this post is from a while ago but I saw it on your 'you might also like' bar and squealed with excitement. I LOOOVEEEE Jack and Dean!!! I really wanted/want to go to their live shows but I have nobody to go with, did you go alone? xx


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