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I went to see Love, Rosie with my mum a week or so ago, and well I think I found a new favourite film. 

I used to go to the cinema a lot then life sort of happened and that died out and I just waited for things to be released and do it that way. A trip to the north, and the wonderful(!) Stockport whilst having a little roadtrip with my best friend, we went to the Trafford Centre so many times and saw every Christian Bale film out and a few others sparked my love back again.

The film is a wonderful Rom-Com starring Lily Collins and Sam Claflin. (who I may have developed a bit of love for, sue me.) The story follows two best friends, Alex and Rosie, from their teens and through many years of their lives across two different continents and the things life throws at them. It's such a feel good film for me, it was engaging and I found myself wanting to just yell "GET TOGETHER ALREADY!" Also made me do a giggle many a time with its well done humour and also with an element of tearing up for Rosie at multiple times.

I found myself feeling that Rosie's character was relate-able for me, apart from the having a baby thing and falling in love with your best friend or the key element of Boston but the 18th birthday? Definitely me when I turned 18. Like, putting your dreams and aspirations aside while life steps in but making sure there's time to do what you really want to before you run out of time. Another being not to feel like you have to settle, or to be the girl that is too afraid to say how she feels towards special people in her life, or people she wishes were in her life more which is sadly my mindset sometimes. I love it when a film or song can spark something in you and make you really feel an emotion to and this undeniably has that. This made me have the 'things will work out in the end' feelings which to some may be a little strange.

So, if you're looking for a new film to see go give this a go! Any films I should see?

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