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This weekend was probably one of the most funny weekends I've had. Sometimes you just need to get yourself out of your routine and have a little girly weekend away.

I met up with Lauren and we just had a wonder around the lanes, the seafront and all the usual Brightony things to do. I love Brighton so much, I've been going for years and I have so many wonderful memories. If I could afford it, I'd move in a heartbeat but sadly I cannot.

The beach at night is my favourite thing about Brighton. It just makes me happy, everything's lit up and I don't know how to explain it but it just makes me feel really happy and relaxed. We had a little wonder around the Pier and got creepily accurate Zoltar readings. Then pizza happened, then drinks happened.

I have to say the biggest thank you to my wonderful best friend Lauren. It's a big ask to have someone film various outfits and such for basically a whole day. She's literally the most helpful and kind person ever and I just love her, really. After a pretty rubbish 2014, this weekend has been just what I needed. 4 FOR U GLEN COCO, U GO GLEN COCO.

Hopefully I'll be back soon and for longer.

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