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I've been a bit apprehensive about turning 21. On one hand, it's exciting in the sense I made it another year and I can drink in America which is a plus. On the other, I'm actually an adult. Being 20 still feels a bit like you're a teenager just winging it but for some reason that extra digit now makes it feel more like OH GOD ADULTHOOD.

I guess I've been weird about it because I am in no way where I thought I'd be at 21. I thought I'd be in a good job, not living at home and not be a stressy mess and the reality is I am 21, unemployed, still living in my wonderful family home and the biggest stressy mess. The past few months have been weird. I went from being unemployed to finding a pretty cool job and feeling a bit more back on my feet to losing said job and feeling like a complete failure. To be honest, I am so scared even if I don't really need to be because I know I have the support of friends and family but it's so hard not to dwell and feel a bit shit really.

With that all in mind, I headed off to Sandy Balls (LOLOLOLOLOL) in the New Forest with my best friends in tow for the big 2-1 weekend. I love the New Forest, I find it really relaxing and you can't say anything negative about the scenery. After arriving and settling in, we headed off to sainsburys... here we learnt never to shop when hungry after a £200 receipt. (It was worth it, we then fittingly named the cabin, The Cabin of Carbs)

Saturday we went for a little wander around the site on the hunt for alpacas were found and I was heartbroken. However the pain didn't last for long as we decided to drive down to the beach (Barton On Sea) for ice cream. In February, how typically British. Then we returned to our little home, 278, and got all dolled up and had a party to bring in my birthday as it turned 12. Complete with twister and about 1000 party poppers. Sunday was the laziest day and it was perfect, we put all our mattresses in the living room and watched all the films.

I am so grateful to have the friends I do. This weekend really brought me out of my miserable mood and made me feel really happy, loved and all I can do is say a massive thank you to the babes that spent the weekend with me, I love you so so so much. Good friends are one of the most important things you have and I appreciate mine dearly. (I know, soppy and cringe.. I'M SENTIMENTAL.)

Last night we went to the pub in Camden to celebrate some more because I'm really stringing this birthday out aren't I?...



  1. Happy Birthday. That mast have been amazing :) Wish you nice day!

  2. Happy 21st! Wow The New Forest area looks like it has amazing views.
    I was always told, "when one door closes another one always opens" so losing that job only means a better one is lined up getting reading for you :)

  3. The New Forest is super close to where I study at uni, I've even stayed at Sandy Balls myself (and laughed at the name haha)! Love this pictures, so glad I found your blog girl! xo

  4. lovely photos :)
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  5. What a lovely day you had! This post made me stop for a minute and think on what I did for my 21st birthday, haha :)


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