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A few weeks ago on a Friday night, in a very cold and rainy East London, I found myself in an all too familiar place. The Maine and Mayday parade are bands I have spent many a night singing horrendously with my friends and having a dance or two to. This was mostly when I was around 16/17 and I haven't really seen them since then, not from lack of wanting to more so because being an adult happened.

The Troxy is a cool but weird venue. It was originally a cinema in the 1930's, then became a bingo hall in the 80's and now is a venue for various things such a gigs, weddings and events. It has that old feel to it which is cool but I personally don't like it as music venue if you're not right down in the standing area like we were. The further back you go, you can't really see a lot because of the low ceiling for the upper tier. However with that being said, this show was moved from Shepherds Bush Empire as the roof is being restored.

One of my fondest Mayday Parade based memories would have to be Slam Dunk festival in 2012 (could have been a later one I'm not too sure) having a slightly cider based, emotional friend circle dance. Things like this remind me it's good and healthy to feel 16 again and switch off a little and enjoy the moment, as cliché as it is.


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  1. I bloody loved Mayday Parade when I was younger! This post was lovely to read and brought back so many memories for me as well!
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