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I thought about a few things and spoke about them. Are fame and success the same thing? Why am I even doing this? Am I having an existential crisis? Probably. 


  1. Great video! I think you made some really good points, like I don't do YouTube (yet anyway) but I feel the same with my blog. I'd never want to be famous but it'd be nice to have a lovely ~~manageable~~ following with whom you can interact with and just enough which also allows you career opportunities. I dread to be anywhere near the size that people like Zoella is, I'd find that too much pressure but each to their own.

    That was actually the first of your videos I've watched, I've been following your blog through Bloglovin for a little while, and you have such a lovely personality and really funny. Definitely subscribed and look forward to watching more.

    p.s the red lipstick looks amaazing on you!

    Sarah xx


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