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It's 2015, we live in an age of Instagram and selfie sticks but where does it go to far in terms of editing ourselves?

I'll be the first to admit I love a good filter. Especially on the days where my face is a complete and utter 0/10 but I still want to post a selfie (sassy emoji here) After this week's story about Project Harpoon, which is just a complete load of a lot of swears here, got me thinking about how far we're taking this whole editing thing.

We selectively choose what photos we post so we look our best online. I for one know how to use lighting to be flattering as well as what angles to use to try and look a little bit less of a moon face but it's when I see apps with slogans such as 'Simple to #stunning' it makes me so angry, and want to cringe.

I downloaded one of these apps and gave it a go and here's the results from unedited to edited. I was able to change my eye colour, shape and size of my nose, achieve Kylie Jenner lips and slim my face in general with a click of a button.


Now first of all, I get why some people use these apps because of perhaps body image issues and insecurities. They can be used to create what you wish to look like or what society makes us think we should look like.These apps to me are just damaging. It makes me sad, sad that we've gotten to a place where apps like this even exist and people rely on them. Without trying to sound like the rainbows and smiles girl from mean girls, I wish everyone could love themselves and not be consumed by what they view as something wrong about themselves. I wish that we could all be confident enough to believe we are attractive and good enough. These apps are just enforcing these ideals that are placed upon us.

I took to twitter to find out your views and the response speaks for itself.

Now I'm about to get pretentious here. I believe you do not need these apps. I've written a lot recently about accepting yourself and I can't put it any better than RuPaul does, if you can't love yourself how the hell are you gonna love somebody else? You reading this, you are you and you're beautiful no matter what anyone bloody tells you. I can safely say this app got a swift delete.

What are your thoughts on these apps? Do you use them? Let us discuss below!


  1. That is a huge difference! also, I can't see people who use these been ever happy with themselves, as they'll always think their face is too round, or lips smal/big etc. I don't agree with editing at all. Great post Trudy :)

  2. Great post, and so true! In the end, it just makes everyone feel crap about themselves 'cause they think what they see on instagram is actually true! x

  3. What a great first post to read when arriving at your blog! :)
    I agree with you completely! AND I must say that I like the unedited picture of you ;)
    Cylia -


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