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Another installment of my life according to instagram!
  1. Spent an evening planning, writing and having a lol at my knee because it looks like a bum.
  2. Visted a really cool vintage shop near me which honestly has the most random and cool collection of goodies.
  3. Found a doormat I need for my future house.
  4. Haven't stopped listening to Can't Feel My Face by The Weeknd. 
  5. Cuddles with Harley. 
  6. I finally got my organ donor card! If you haven't already signed up to be on the register I think you should consider it. You could save someone's life!

What did you guys get up to last week? xx


  1. Lovely post! The shop looks amazing! I see Harry Potter things ;)
    The mat is perfect, I really need that in my life! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Your hair is pretty! I keep meaning to become an organ doner, i'm going to sort it out soon! X

  3. Looks like an exciting week!

  4. Lovely photos and that door mat is adorbz!! :D x

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


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