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ahh summer that time of the year where the swimwear is everywhere, but what if you don't feel all too confident in bikini's? Here are a few Topshop options and styles I shall be reaching for.

I feel as if everyone deserves to feel amazing in themselves and happy to wear a bikini or any item of clothing with confidence. However I know that isn't the case for some. Last year in Florida I was a little nervous about wearing swimwear to water parks or even by the pool where I was only around my close friend and her family. I don't have an amazing chest nor do I have the flatest stomach in the world but why should that deny me the right to feel bloody good? I opted for a high waisted and almost crop top like number and wore it proudly.

Never let anyone ever knock down your confidence when it comes to the body type vs fashion debate. 

What will you be reaching for? I hope you're all enjoying the sun at the moment! 


  1. I love the tropical print set! I'm definitely looking for something high waisted this year, luckily there's lots to choose from x

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  2. Both of the black and white bikinis are great and I would love to own them!

    1. same, I really like the pattern of the black one! x


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