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I used to strive for long, flowing blonde hair. I always had longish hair as a child and always feared getting it chopped off. However, recently I took the gradual journey to short hair and I don't regret a thing.

1. Long hair is hard to maintain.
If you have, or want nice long hair you know you need to keep it healthy, duh. When you're like me and like to change your hair every so often, you will likely incur some damage which can make the hair feel as dead as it looks. I also found that long hair knots and matts so easily whereas with short hair that issue hasn't occurred for me. I do however have the constant 'oh, I miss my long hair' thoughts so if you are wanting long Haim like hair, LOOK AFTER YO' LOCKS.

2. You don't have the sticky feeling when it's hot
I recently went to see 5SOS at Wembley the other night and it was hotter than the center of the sun. Whilst my best friend struggled keeping her hair out of the way I didn't have to bother. My hair falls just before my shoulders at the moment which I have found to be the perfect length for sweaty neck avoidance. (Sorry)

3. You get to try cool ways of styling your do
I never did much to my hair before the big chop, I just let it do it's thing for the most part. A favourite style of mine is the half up, half down trend that's been knocking around and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to do it again when my hair was short. Alas, no it works perfectly and if anything, I prefer how it looks on shorter hair! As my mum says, I look 'trendy'

3. Your hair can age you
I have had numerous encounters with friends who have said short hair suits my face shape better but also makes me look my age, rather than looking younger. I do now look at some photos and react with a 'I GENUINELY LOOK 12 AND THIS WAS TAKEN THIS YEAR' remark.

4. If you need a change, your hair is a good option.
Sounds silly but something as simple as a hair cut can be the small change you need to be happier. Like in TV shows when there's a break up so the character has an image change, it can be a real mood and confidence booster. YOU OWN IT.

5. It grows back.
If you really want to just go for it, go for it. Start off gradual and see what works, or what doesn't. At the end of the day, your hair will always grow back.


  1. It really suits you! I know for a fact that short hair doesn't look good on me, so I'm striving for that long hair again!

  2. I wear hair extensions at the mo as I want my hair to rival Rapunzel's, but I do have random moments where I envy girls with shorter hair. It looks stunning on you, think you've found the perfect length!

    Claire | | xx

  3. i have a midi cut at the moment, and it's so much easier to maintain than long hair! my hair is in really bad condition so i'm hoping that i can get it cut shorter soon - hopefully i'll suit it as much as you do, your hair looks lovely! x
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

  4. It looks so great on you and this post makes me so tempted!


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