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So this weekend I moved and of course I've got my eye on a billion things I'd like for my room despite having the funds. I still live with my parents so I can't go too overboard, however I'm hoping to move out on my own by next year (unlikely) therefore I'm window shopping via the internet.

I'm a sucker for a good mug. I didn't like tea or any hot drink bar hot chocolate for years however now I need at least 3-5 cups per day, especially in a cold office. (Seriously, heating is a thing guys!) I really like how these one look, is that weird? Plus it comes in powder blue so win.

I've seen so many people use clear vases for makeup brushes and well I'm planning on copying, sue me. I currently use a red party cup to store my brushes which isn't ideal! However having them on display may whip me into shape on the cleaning front. There comes a point where your brush is almost stodgy you realise you've gone too far.

Little mirrors are a favourite of mine, not so much to use but for decoration. I think having a goldy bronze frame would break up the whiteness of the room I'm imagining! Sticking to the white theme, I definitely need a desk and bookcase. I normally slouch on my bed to work and it isn't the most productive! Also, I'm growing my book collection so to have them proudly on display instead of in boxes would make me happier. To add some fun things into the mix I found this super cool flamingo cellotape holder, don't know if I'd ever actually use it but I thought it was funny. As well as that I'd like to have a lot of paintings and such around the desk as well as some photos.

Lastly, a prettier bin is a lot nicer than a standard plastic one and every house needs a cake stand because cake is life.

H&M Mugs
H&M Cake Stand 
Giclee Painting
H&M Flamingo 
H&M Glass Vase 
H&M Metal Frame 
Book shelves


  1. Moving out on your own is so liberating! Just did it last year myself :)

    Beauty & Colour

  2. Love this - great inspiration, I'm currently planning for my next apartment space :) No, a party cup won't do ha it must fall over all the time!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty


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