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Why Not People is a charity founded by Jameela Jamil. The foundation aims to break the barriers between the experiences of able bodied members of an audience and those with a disability whilst attending live shows. Ensuring everyone has the same opportunities.

Why Not People will be a members only club (members are those with a disability) where members can not only buy tickets for themselves but for their friends and families also. The organisation will work with new technologies to ensure the experience is suitable for all those attending, be that a sensory or physical disability.

"I one day decided I simply can't continue living in a world that excludes such a large part of society. Some of my best friends are those people. Their disabilities should not prohibit them from having the same social experience as those of us who do not face the same challenges. 

In this day and age, and with so many technological advances, I simply refuse to believe we can't make more effort to create a more balanced society, one that accommodates those of us who already face so many daily struggles already. I am so grateful that I am finally in a position where I can help to do something about it." - Jameela Jamil

Acts already confirmed to headline Why Not People events are Coldplay, Tinie Tempah and James Blake.

WNP also aims to create “a social community for our members where they can do everything from catching up with mates and getting fit, to receiving personal styling tips from a personal stylist and blogging on our collaborative site”

I personally agree that it’s ridiculous something like this hasn't happened sooner. Going to live events is something I think can be taken for granted because for those who don’t live with a disability, they’re easily accessible. For example, there are some small venues that can’t accommodate for someone who is disabled. I can go to a show and have free range of where I stand or go to whereas it’s not that simple for others, something which is a key factor in the campaign.


I’ve been going to live shows since I was 15. This has led to meeting my best friends and to having a handful of memories to cherish. The fact that someone who could share the same attitude towards music and live shows as myself can’t have the same experiences or miss out on meeting new people and forming new friendships, is quite simply unacceptable.

"Why Not People? Ignores the notion of limits and discrimination and caters to all people for all walks of life. It is a chance for us all to party with the people we should have partied alongside all along. With accessible venues, the finest talent on the planet, we promise to put on gigs, events and club nights that you will never forget." - Jameela Jamil


The aim is to reach a goal of £40,000 by 19th February 2015

I for one am fully behind this and hope it has the success it deserves.

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  1. I had never heard of this campaign before. Such an interesting and worthy cause!
    Rebecca // xx


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