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This weekend I went up to Manchester to see my good friend Lydia for some "I know it's a month early but we're doing this anyway, pre birthday escapades" as she can't make it to my actual birthday next month, which involved Christian Bale, nachos, a lack of pizza and a bit of Amaretto.

The train up was stressful and when it comes to travelling I hate being pushed for time. It makes me all kinds of panicky. I'm THAT person who needs to be at least 20 minutes early rather than 20 minutes late... unless I'm only going out into London, then everyone would tell you I'm always at least 10 minutes late. My stress only seems to happen if I'm going away to a different city. Weird right? However, I did manage to finish my book within a return journey and I loved it. I read Don't Look Back by Erica Spindler and boy can that woman write a gripping story.

Lydia and I hardly get to spend as much time as we used to together now because of various reasons, so it was nice to spend time catching up over £2 cocktails. God bless you, Font. If you live/ever go to Manchester you have to take a trip to Font. I prefer the one in Fallowfield but the one by The Ritz is just as good but obviously busier. 

Here's what we got up to in moving picture format.




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