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Last weekend my best friend came down from Manchester and we went to go do festive things such as Winter Wonderland. I had such a good time. I hardly see Lydia anymore, well since we got back from America because of work and life which sucks because this time last year we were driving up and down this country to see friends and have a laugh (which I miss so so so much). I practically moved into hers for the best part of two weeks. I decided to Vlog it so we have something funny to look back on!

and of course there had to be pizza because a life without pizza is no life at all.

(if you'd like to subscribe and like and all that stuff you're supposed to do on YouTube I would greatly appreciate it and owe you a mulled wine if you're of age, if not thanks anyway! xx)


  1. Lovely photos. I really need to go here, I say it every year!


  2. Loved the post! especially the carousel photo, so pretty.

    I'm definitely your new follower, would be happy if you want to follow back {:


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