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Oh 2015, how close you are and it unsettles me a lot.

Here are 14 things I realised and learnt over the past year.

1. You can do anything, if you put your mind to it.

Probably easier said than done.

However I have spent the majority of the year coming up with wonderful ideas (farfetched ones at that )in my mind, not figuring out how to execute them, getting frustrated with myself and giving in to that little part in your mind that tells you to give up on it. Ignore it. You don’t have to have your life figured out at 19, it’s okay to feel a little lost and overwhelmed at the world and what you’re going to do with it. You’ll get there.

For me taking on a CAN attitude instead of a CAN’T one has helped, but it was tough to get there. Don’t limit yourself.

“There’s no such thing as can’t”

2. Stop saying sorry so much

It’s a terribly British thing to do, say sorry about 30 times in the space of a two minute conversation in Starbucks.

“sorry what’s your name again?”

“sorry how do you spell that?”
“sorry again, did you want sugar?”
“sorry, excuse me, sorry SORRY AGAIN SORRY”

Maybe then that’s the standard but I’m talking don’t apologise for your opinions to that friend who happens to differ. Don’t apologise for your feelings or emotions, don’t apologise for your personality and most importantly if someone scorns you in the worst possible way DON’T YOU DARE APOLOGISE.

3. Avoid the opposite sex at all costs.

“Seriously I’m off love ever since it’s given me PTSD”

It’s not worth the agg. Sure the constant fear of dying alone in Bridget Jones style surrounded by Alsatians is all too real but there are lot more important things. Go all BeyoncĂ© on the world… just with less Jay Z.

Dance around to One Direction in your pants and drink wine. Those are your boyfriends now; I mean all that is better than one surely?

4. New places aren’t as scary as you think they are.

Going new places was a highlight of my year. From Glasgow to Paris to Florida I am so happy I went through with those plans. The biggest fear for me was going thousands of miles from home and sitting in what is effectively a metal can for 7-8 hours to another part of the world where my parents couldn’t come to my rescue if I was lost or missed the last bus or train home. I was admittedly out of my comfort zone but surprisingly, didn’t feel homesick. In fact, I sometimes wish I was still there in Old Town dancing in the street to jazz and not worrying about the little things that felt like the biggest problem in the world at the time.

If you get the chance to go somewhere, do it. Grab the opportunity with both hands and run with it, you might just find exactly what you needed.

5. Breakfast for dinner is a total win.

Don’t even question me on it.

6. Your mum is always right.

Now this is something I have fought for years, accept it. The woman has some sort of magical power that makes her right 99.9% of the time. It’s freaky as but one day, that’s going to be you.

Revel in that upcoming power.

7. If anyone tells you you can’t eat Nutella with a spoon you do not need that sort of negativity in your life.

Fancy a snack and got nothing in? Utilize that spoon and almost empty jar; scrape away with pride with your survival instincts.

8. Finding Nemo should have been a musical.

A great mind blowing revelation that myself and Lauren came up with. My personal rendition of “Give Me Some Fin, Noggin, Dude” would be a hit, OBVZ.

9. Ugly cry your heart away.

You know that feeling when you know it’s going to happen and you don’t even know why but the urge is bubbling away. Someone is going to ask you the simplistic of tasks and you’ll go and have a cry in the toilets before you explode on someone you barely know in your office creating the most awkward working relationship. Even on days when you do know why you just want to blub like a baby because you’re so fed up of everyone and anything, do it. Stick on some cringe ballads, maybe even some Coldplay, get out some of your not so finest wines and cry until you look like mascara stained T Swizzle in the Blank Space video.

                                   from tumblr

10. Farts are still funny.

And they always will be and yes it bloody childish but we all do it and find it hilarious without fail.

11. Stop giving a shit so much

(Nice Segway from 10)

Who honestly cares what people think of you? In the grand scheme of things they probably won’t be that much of an impact in your life for long. If you love doing what you’re doing and it makes you happy and causes no harm to anyone keep at it. I am fully embarrassed by writing publicly sometimes or donning a stupid grin for a camera for anyone to see, especially friends. I don’t know why but it’s incredibly nerve-racking to me due to the fear of people judging me for it in the past and taking the mick. If someone throws a spiteful comment your way, it’s not a reflection on you. Sadly, it’s a reflection that individual. People need to give up worrying about “being cool” are we still in school and searching desperately for a bit of popularity? In the words of Tyler Oakley “you do you”

Embarrassing yourself is also something to stop caring about. It’s funny at the end of the day and I do it all the time resulting in me thinking “WHY DID I SAY THAT?” A few examples:

* Once maybe shouldn’t have had a beer or two at a particular comedy show

* Fallen down stairs on multiple occasions (sober I’d like to add)
* Word vomited
* Walking face first into a lamppost after The 1975
* That time when I was 14 and really needed a wee….

End of the day, it will be something you look back on and laugh at a lot. Life doesn’t have to be so serious all the time, let yourself go and enjoy it because as clichĂ© and sickly it makes me feel actually typing this; it’s not going to last forever. #yolo (please note: total sarcasm, I am not a fan of the yolo)

12. Appreciate more.

Dear friends,

I’m sorry for being a bit crap this year at the friendship thing.
I love you all lots, let’s all stop being idiots and see each other more. Let’s go to a really crappy bar or even G.A.Y and have nights like we used to before being adults got in the way. I miss them.
Lot of love,

13. Money Money Money

The curse of our generation.

Let’s face it money is nearly everyone’s problem nowadays; unless you have a really successful business or fame in that case hi I’m welcome to donations. Budgeting is a great tool, but I always have the constant guilty thoughts of “oh god I shouldn’t have bought that but it was really nice but how am I going to afford lunch for the next week, maybe I should return it but it’s so pretty….”

You earned that money; you spend it how you wish.

14. It’s acceptable to creep the pretty and the unobtainable.

Oh instagram, forever enabling us to creep.( Just be careful not to slip and like a photo from 48weeks ago.)

Ed Westwick, I’m looking at you. and crying.

Any you resonate with? Here's to 2015!



  1. i agree with pretty much all of these (especially regarding ed westick) haha

    xx shades of danielle // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

    1. he's been hurting my heart ever since GG started <3

  2. Brilliant place Trudy, totally agree with the "your mum is always right" point! xx

  3. These are some pretty chill lessons to learn from 2014, I especially agree with the mom always being right one. I feel like I'm constantly replaying words of wisdom from my mom throughout my day, she just knows.

    Also to stop giving a shit, I'm still learning that one. I'm a lot better this year than I was last year & I bet next year I'll get even better. I live in Vegas though, so it's easier to not give a shit about what people think when nearly everyone's always drunk. :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

  4. Haha I love this, yeah I've been an awful lot of dancing around my room in my pants to One Direction lately.. no shame x

  5. this is great haha - FARTS ARE ALWAYS FUNNY. I cannot stress that enough. Why are they so offensive? I will never understand.


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