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I’ve always been in love with America but I never thought I’d actually visit, not anytime soon anyway because lets face it I’m 19 and typically useless with managing my money. However, I did do it and I’ve just got back from Florida and I am missing it so much. Below is the first vlog from the week and a bit I was away so I hope you enjoy reading and watching!


I tend to get a little homesick when I’m away for a few weeks, but I didn’t this time. I found myself not wanting to go home, as it was over too soon and itching to get back as soon as I can. (I’m sure I’m going to miss a load of stuff out but I’ll do my best!) 

I found out on this trip that I don’t do well with long haul flights as the first thing I did after landing was throw up in Publix. (TMI?! Oh well) Not the best start but boy do I know how to make memories. I went with one of my best friends and her family which I am so so so so so so so grateful for being invited along by the way and we did so much that we all started to forget what we did, and what day it was.  

Our first few days consisted of unpacking, and heading straight off to Universal Studios. I don’t understand myself sometimes as my dad put it “you cant handle a 8 hour flight sitting down without throwing up but you can wake up and go on a rollercoaster first thing and be fine?! Weird child”. AND I DON’T REGRET A THING. I’d like to thank Lydia for reminding me how much I like theme parks (to an extent – I did chicken out on a few). I find it strange how I can be nervous to the point where I’m not speaking, to wanting to go on something 10 more times. After that we spent another day at Aquatica which had to be one of my favourite days as I love being in the water, the running joke of the holiday being that I am a water sign. There’s nothing better on a boiling hot day than just spending time in a pool. Not forgetting to mention the eternal struggle of trying to get out of rapids. The amount of times it played out like “oh look the exit, HOLD MY HAND, help these are strong, WHO PUTS JETS AT THE EXIT!?, nope, no, round again we go”, I’m going to go with a strong total of 9. I also flew out of a dingy before reaching the end of a slide, that was a hilarious experience in itself. 

We managed to go to a lot of the attractions as adjusting to the time zone meant we were up quite early so managed to get to the parks and beating queues. Next up was Busch Gardens in Tampa, which was about an hour or so’s drive away from our villa. It’s hard to grasp just the sheer size of America, but on these drives you could get a little understanding. My favourite thing about Busch was definitely the animals, the rides were a bit to0 extreme for me. I met and made friends with some Kangaroo’s and managed to feed them which was incredible (lets count how many times I say that). FYI Kangaroo’s are very fussy eaters. I’d also like to recommend not going on Gwazi. It’s for the majority a wooden rollercoaster and is the most painful experience I’ve ever been in. However if you get the chance go on Cheetah Run, its incredible. 

Now to get a little serious. We planned to go to SeaWorld, I had my reservations and knew I would have a sulk on that day. As we pulled up there were protestors already at the gates with posters about the show and in particular Tilikum. (If you don’t know the story behind Tilikum, there’s plenty to read online) that was the first thing that got to me. I have to say I did enjoy my morning on the rides and going around other enclosures, I won’t slam SeaWorld on that. Then it came time for one of the shows, I was apprehensive about going because it just doesn’t sit right with me to have them parading around a small pool for 20minutes of entertainment. I knew I would be uncomfortable watching the show, but I didn’t think I’d be THAT uncomfortable and I felt myself get quite emotional knowing I had paid to watch that. However, I think you do need to see it in person and for yourself to get a full opinion. It’s a hard one to explain and discuss as its very controversial. It does get you thinking. 

Now back to the fun stuff! 

DISNEY. WORLD. LAND. KINGDOM. PLACE. OF. MAGIC. AND. DREAMS.  (hands in the air/multiple crying emoji’s) I don’t think I’ve been so excited for something in my life than I was to go to Magic KingdomWe had visited Downtown Disney a few nights before and even that had made me giddy like a 5 year old. Magic Kingdom was that ramped up about 65 notches. I mean, I’m almost 20 and cried at the parade. Twice. 

stupid crane.

 It’s unbelievably cliché to say that it had a magical feel to it but it really did, every character was believable and no one broke “the illusion”. I think I enjoyed it as much as every child there…maybe a little bit more. I would say that Splash Mountain and Space Mountain were my favourite rides; just a warning Space Mountain is so much more vigorous than you would expect. We also got to watch the parade from the balcony of Tony's at it was, here's that word again, incredible.

The parade, electric parade and firework displays were incredible and I just felt incredibly happy, so thanks Disney! 

The final few days were mostly pool days and nights out for dinner at Bahama Breeze and Hard Rock. God does Americans know how to do food. Multiple food babies occurred. 

We went to Universal Studios a few more times, however the first time the heat really got to me and Publix 2.0 occurred so I didn’t have the best time but on another visit I was ready to go. I loved the feel of the studios and just how much detail goes into everything. I loved Harry Potter World, I almost bought a wand but talked myself out of it which I totally regret and I have to say Butter beer is the weirdest concoction ever but its SO GOOD. 

I really hope I can go back as there’s so much more I’d like to do, but for now I cannot wait for 
Disney Land in Paris in December! (I’ve definitely forgotten things, maybe I’ll update this when I’m a fully functioning human again)


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