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So, another Reading weekend has past and the majority of us are back to the reality of the 9-5 grind, I'm still trying not to fall asleep at my desk and fighting the post festival flu. Is it just me or does each time it comes around its over before you know it? I decided to "vlog" the weekend as a way of mostly remembering it and to have something to look back on. If you like bad singing, girls talking about eating bogies and The 1975... enjoy!


I spent a wonderful 5 days in a field with my best friends and out of the four years i've been to Reading, this has been the best one so far. From being laughed at by some (very beautiful) welsh men for not being able to put up a tent, having some 16 year olds invade our camp, thinking i was going to actually die in a field one night because it got THAT cold (extreme?), singing very badly at the silent arena to R Kelly to making some friends with some boys from Bristol who were "engineers" and their friend seaweed/segway/segwell/seagull/sybal etc, we'll never know his real name. (sad crying emoji)

I feel like I may finally have the festival thing cracked, I mean I didn't run out of money for the first time... gotta mean i'm doing something right. I've also never seen so many man buns and mass amounts of boys with bandannas whacked across their heads before in my life. 

I bumped into so many friends and people I didn't expect to see and had a good old dance to various people, most likely in a dad like fashion but there are much more weirder sights at a festival than my dad dancing. My highlight would have to be The 1975, for me they were better than all headliners and I cannot wait for the day they headline or get a main stage slot. My other favorites from the weekend would have to be Royal Blood, Lonely The Brave and of course Arctic Monkeys... the list also goes on. There was also the additon of Alex Gaskarth with YMAS on Sunday which definitely made me happy, can't stop that 15 year old All Time Low love.

I really cannot wait for next year already, I don't know what it is about Reading but it always makes me happy, even when I'm tired and aggy I'll still end up having the best time. Thank you to everyone involved this year for making it a very funny weekend, I mean I actually laughed until  I cried/it hurt/I almost wet myself.

Now, to pack for Florida.


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  2. I've been to reading twice (2013 and 2014) and loved it too!! It's such an escape from everything and ahhh both times were just perfect! I agree about almost freezing to death at night though as it felt particularly chilly during the nights last year!!!


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