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Hello, compadres.

On my usual hunt for new music on spotify I came across this lyric "It's funny how the small things can wreck away at your life" and my did it leap out at me in some sort of weird sense of poignancy.

I don't know about you, but I feel everything a bit too much which for the most part is a good thing however it brings it's downsides. I feel the intensity and overwhelming-ness of having to hit certain life levels. Getting a good education, a good job, a good partner and so on. It's really not surprising that the majority of us feel lost and try to put on the brave face which eventually falters away and you end up having that "I'M A FAILURE!" spiral.

This isn't groundbreaking but I've finally realised the importance of slowing the fuck down. That's meant in all aspects, relationships both romantic and platonic, finding your dream job right away,  not rushing in getting over someone because you're told you should be by now. No one knows your heart like you do. Rushing into anything that feels off in the hopes it may change because you could end up wasting so much time, energy and emotion when you could be living your best life. Rushing your early 20's because before you know it, you'll blink and you'll miss it.

I recently booked a last minute holiday to a quiet part of Greece and it was so nice to be away from my desk, emails, meetings and cutting down how much I was on my phone. I tried to not go on it at all but I like Instagram too much, sue me. I wanted to let the noise of what was going on at home drown out and it did wonders for my mental health and overall happiness. I escaped from the absolutely heartbreaking and devastating news of events at home, not out of ignorance or lack of compassion but just to focus on where I was in that exact moment for a week and fully appreciate it. I was in one of the most relaxed and beautiful environments I'd ever found myself in, surrounded by mountains and the bluest sea I've ever swam in. Not to mention finding out I burn very easily and I might be the worlds worst person at kayaking.

I let myself just breathe for a minute without feeling bad about it and I cannot tell you how wonderful that felt. I'm a very firm believer of everything happens for a reason and you'll be where you're meant to be one day, as cheesy and disgusting as that is. Life can get chaotic, messy and loud but maybe within this chaos, we're really actually where we're meant to be.

I feel like I'm quoting a Nicholas Sparks screenplay...

Adios x

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