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Row 1 : 

1) Playing with my new lens and using my favourite little lady as my model, obviously!
2) Filming my styling video and surprising not only myself but everyone for wearing orange.
3) Still filming but I liked my Monica Bing-esque hair.

Row 2:

1) Discussing birthday cakes for my 21st with Lauren because caterpillar cake is a tradition.
2) Shooting some outfits with Jon and Marisa.
3) Finally seeing Jack since he got back from Sydney and realising how disastrous and great us living together eventually will be. None of us can cook, SHREDDIES FOR ALL.

Row 3:

1) Seeing The Maine and Mayday Parade at Troxy with a lot of my favourite humans and feeling 16 again.
2) Obvz a selfie before going to the pub to see friends in Shoreditch.

I obviously couldn't end this without some shameless self promo.... if you wish to follow me my instagram is trudyboulert.



  1. I still stand by what I said that you look flawless in row 3! I forgot to get tickets to see Mayday Parade and The Maine *sobs* I bet they were amazing!!

    Tania x

  2. Orange definitely looks good on you and you look so pretty in that third picture!

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

  3. Love your makeup looks on the last pic!
    This post is one of my favorite kinds of posts to read & it was gorgeous xx

    Kaylee | JK's Dawn

  4. Love this, what a unique and fun post :)

  5. aww your dog is too cute! lovely pictures


  6. lovely photos - cute dog!


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