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I've read many a lipstick collection in my time and when I look at my own it's very minute compared but I thought I would share nonetheless. I have a grand total of 4 MAC shades that I pretty much wear all the time, as you'll see they're well loved.

Please Me

This is one of my everyday options to go for. I think I've mentioned this before previously but I really do love it! It's a perfect pinky nude without being too pink if you catch my drift. It's a matte finish but isn't that drying at all on the lips which is a plus.


I'll admit this is my least worn. I feel it's a bit too much of pink for me especially as I'm so pale, so if I do opt for it I tend to use a darker liner underneath to deepen it. It's a satin finish so it leaves a nice sheen to the lips. I also have to mention I've found it doesn't budge that easily which is good if you get your application right first time but a bit tricky if you need to touch up.

Russian Red

AH RUSSIAN RED. If you ever see me wearing a red lip, it's almost always this. It's my perfect red out of all the reds I own and I just really love it can you tell? It's a matte finish which again, I prefer to others which means it's staying power is brilliant. There's nothing worse with red lips than constantly having to redo it and I find I can go out with this and barely need to. It's definitely more of a cool toned red which I prefer over orange based reds.


Diva is definitely my favourite berry lipstick I own. It's perfect for the standard gold eyes and berry lips that everyone and their mother is rocking this A/W, which is one of my favourite combos. It's dark but not too dark which I like because as I'm fair skinned I feel if I go to dark it just doesn't suit me.

What are your favourite MAC shades? 


  1. Love them, it's so hard to pick a favoutite they're all so pretty! X

  2. I love the color of Snob! Never bought a MAC lipstick before (WOW), but now I'm dying to!

  3. I really want Snob! Looks gorgeous! x

  4. Diva is my favorite berry shade too! I like to pair it with the MAC Burgundy lip liner :)

  5. I have so many MAC lipsticks! I keep collecting them and it's a ridiculous obsession xx,

  6. Love this post as I always get inspiration from others, but we seem to have the exact same taste in lipsticks! x


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