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A lot of last year was spent in my bathroom in a tiny rented house frantically trying to not get dye all over the shop. I've tried out a range of colours but my heart and head will always be fond of the purpley pinks.

As October is the chosen month for Breast Cancer Awareness I decided to join in with the #pinktober campaign and dye my barnet pink for the month. I have got a lot of bad blood with cancer and anyway to help beat it I will join. However when it came to the actual dyeing process I realised half way through I had run out of pink so had to improvise hence the purple tones, which I love. I much prefer different shades and tones in my hair rather than a block colour to provide some depth and texture.

Bleach London are my favourite hair brand, they are literal goals. To create the shade I have I used a mix of Bruised Violet, Rose, Violet Skies and Awkward Peach topped off with washing with the Live Forever/Rose shampoo and conditioners... told you I had a love for Bleach. Now, I'm not methodical with application I try to be all professional with a brush and gloves but by the end I have stained hands and a bit of dye on my forehead but a great colour overall. Luckily that approach seems to work out for me!

I reckon I might keep the current colour I have now after October for a bit because it definitely makes me feel cooler than I am.


  1. You look amazing - that colour is absolutely incredible! I went through a phase last year of having my hair a different colour every month.

  2. colored hair is the best, pink suits you so well!

    danielle | avec danielle


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