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Writing this sucks. I've considered keeping this all to myself because I fear I'm going to sound incredibly ungrateful and whiny alas here I am sharing some more brain farts with you. I am struggling with blogging, youtube and where I want it to go, produce and there's honestly days now where I consider just giving up with it.

I'm a bit of a perfectionist I guess, I stress and get worried a lot over things that really don't need to be stressed over and I put so much pressure on myself to do the best I can. I started TrudyJohanna with a mind full of ideas and goals I wanted to hit and now I'm running on empty and the things I make are suffering from it, especially statistically. I've spoken about not comparing your work to others on here before and how numbers aren't everything and that is still so important to remember but I guess it would be a lie if I said I wasn't jealous of other smaller (even bigger ones too!) bloggers and vloggers doing incredibly well for themselves in a small time frame - deservedly! It makes me wish I hadn't been so nervous a few years a go and just had taken the plunge. I sort of feel that I'm uninspired and at a standstill.

I haven't done anything fashion related, filmed an actual sit down video in so long because I actually get so frustrated I just want to do a cry and binge in Netflix land. See what I mean about putting pressure on myself? I bloody love every single person that reads or watches and enjoys what I do because BLOGGING IS HARD. It's not just as simple and slapping a few words down, adding a pretty photo in and pressing publish. I get so many lovely comments and emails, on days like today when I feel like I'm to be honest, shit at this, they make me feel so much better and I wish I could give you all a massive hug and tell you how great YOU are. I don't feel the need to have a gazillion, billion followers. I'm not in this for that but it's like you don't buy a house plant and then don't look after it. You want it to grow and thrive. (What a crap metaphor.)

This is not me waving goodbye to this ridiculous but exciting internet world just yet. I guess what I'm really asking is for some help. Post ideas, video ideas, what you like and don't like and if you're a blogger too how you deal with the same kinda lull feeling.

To be honest, I think we can all agree I just need to stop complaining and have right ol' kick up the arse and get motivated.



  1. Girl, the best advice I can give you for when you feel uninspired or at a standstill like this is to go out and do some living. The internet world will always be here, trust me. Go out and have new experiences, enjoy things/people around, and find your internal happiness/balance again. In order to breathe new life into our blogs/youtube/work, we have to first breathe new life into ourselves.

    It'll all work itself out, that lull feeling is no joke - it passes, I promise!


  2. Firstly, I'm a new follower to your page. so, hi!! :)

    Now, on to reading this post... I really felt as though I was reading my exact thoughts, that I could never put into words, however you've done the job. I've constantly started, stopped, started again and I'm absolutey frustrated with myself, like you are, that you've got so many ideas running through your mind, but there comes a wall where it's hard to just get over.

    I guess, the best thing from here would be to sit down and re-think why you started this in the first place. Getting back to basics, maybe an update on who you are nad where you next starts up, help posts for yourself/viewers to take on board? Just an idea :)

    It's so hard as so many are jumping on the blogging world, that you feel the same posts are done over, and over again, but it's how you put your personal touch to it, that makes all the difference.

    I think I've blabbed enough haha, hopefully i made sense/ maybe helped a little.
    but keep at it : )

    1. hello! I'm glad you get where I'm coming from. Thank you for being so lovely x

  3. Aw you definitely don't sound ungrateful!! I think it's super natural to feel like this. And I feel that part about being so frustrated with yourself you could cry in my bones. And that part about wishing you hadn't been too nervous to start earlier... Are we the same person or something?? ;p I haven't been blogging for very long, but I've noticed that when I start feeling like it's pointless & I get kind of caught up in the game, I start focusing on supporting other people whose blogs/youtube channels I love. Lots of commenting, reblogging on tumblr, things of that nature. It kinda pulls your mind out of that lull when you're constantly really excited for other people doing the same thing you are. Also, I'm loving the plant metaphor. Hahah I hope the lull passes for you soon, lovely! xx

    1. I think we may be! Thank you for a lovely comment x

  4. Daw! You are a great blogger and I do enjoy your blog so much!!! Keep doing what you do!

    Rachel x

  5. I'm also a relatively new reader of your blog, (Sprinkle of Glitter brought me to your page), but I really enjoy reading it! I get a little pulse of excitement when I see that you've added a new post. I like your honestly and I love your humor. But as I'm also a small blogger who often gets stuck in a writing rut, I completely understand your struggle; blogging IS hard! I just encourage you to look for inspiration in everything you see and do. Your talent with words will always pull through.

    xx, MacKenzie

    1. oh Mackenzie, you are lovely. Thank you! x


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