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oh, exams how I do not miss you. It feels a lot longer than only two years ago I was prepping to sit in an exam hall worrying furiously over exams that could determine my future. (They don't, but I'll get to that) When I think about that horrible time in my life, I remember exactly how stressful it is. So to help those of you who maybe in the exam period, here's a few tips for survival.


Look at your timetable and plan accordingly. If you're lucky like I was you'll only have one exam per day which makes revision a lot easier as you have more time for the next exam. However if you have consecutive exams prioritise. Say you have English in the morning and Biology in the afternoon, play to your strengths and focus on what you really need to have a deeper look at but not neglecting your other subject even if you feel super confident.


I found study groups with your peers really beneficial. I studied Sociology from a teacher who honestly, couldn't really teach it. So we took it upon ourselves and helped each other out and I think near to all of us passed! You don't need to necessarily work in big groups, even just a pair of you can do the may jog your memory on a key thinker for example! Don't be afraid to ask for help from someone.


When it gets to the exam day, its daunting. I've never been good at maths and before one of my exams I worked myself up so much I panicked and couldn't concentrate (I retook it later in the year as it was an early module)  I learnt from that and did the following in later exams:
  1. Keep to yourself - not for everyone but I found being around everyone talking about so many things overwhelming so taking some time to yourself is more than ok.
  2. Make a few cards with key notes such as dates and policies and don't overload yourself. For me, there was no point rapidly flicking through a text book 20 minutes before the exam started as I can't retain information that way.
  3. Breathe before you go in, even try mediation and when you're about to start. You may look a little odd but honestly who cares? Relax yourself so you can get that brain flowing!
  4. WATER WATER WATER (but not so much you need to wee mid exam) 
  5. Read and re-read the question, double check your answers and most importantly, know your timings per question beforehand by using practice papers.

The fear of failing is one of the deadliest feelings we all have. I wrote a massive post about my experience with life after exams and university as I didn't go. Things change every day and so many new doors open. Yes, we all want to pass and that's something that should be aimed for but always know that you did your best and if needs be look into other avenues. Most importantly, do not beat yourself up about your grades if you feel you did badly. I failed my maths GCSE so many times that it took me until my last year of sixth form to pass! If you believe in yourself anything is possible!

I honestly wish all of you so much luck in these exams, I'm sure you'll all do your best! (oh god, I sound like SUCH a mum)


  1. Ahhh exams for me are just around the corner! Thanks for the tips trudy!

    Gina :)

  2. I have my first exam in nearly 2 weeks. The thing is, you can't really study for this exam as it is an English crossgrade, These were amazing tips and I'm going to be using them soon!.. unfortunately.

  3. Great tips, and I really could of done with these during mine!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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