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I've never really been one for politics. I never felt interested and to be honest I always found the subject a bit of a bore, especially when you had to study policy after policy for exams. This year I am old enough to vote and that's posed a few things in my brain. Why should I vote? Who should I vote for? Who even does what? Do I trust politicians?

I for one agree with the argument that you have the right to vote, so do so. Many around the world do not have the luxury to have a say in their governments. I took it upon myself to really find out what each party has planned for the UK and it's worth the few hours that it'll take to get educated. A lot of young people didn't vote in the last election and I get why. We aren't well represented or catered for however some parties are working on ways to change that this time a round. We have the chance to have our voices heard so why miss the chance?

Don't sit around and do nothing. I've unfortunately found those who don't take an interest in elections are the first to complain about certain issues, which poses the argument of can you really complain when you had the chance to make change? For those who don't want to vote for varying reasons such as a mistrust of those in power, make that known too. As Stef off of The Michalaks said recently, go down to that polling station and strike out your vote.

Whatever you do make sure the decision is yours. It can be easy to be swayed by what who your friends and family are in favour of. You have to ensure that this decision is what you truly believe in. (Just don't vote for UKIP...I mean I'm not telling you who to vote for, but don't...)

The closing date for registrations is 20th April, you can't vote if you're not registered so take a little visit here.

So, I hope that's made those of you able to vote give it a think or think about voting in future if you can't vote right now! What's your opinion on voting?


  1. Such an important topic! I get so mad when I think back to the Suffragettes who suffered and fought for women right to vote not to long ago and see todays girls not giving a damn. Being able to vote is a privilege you should be proud to have!

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  2. I think, we have the opportunity to vote and we should take advantage of that. But sometimes I get so annoyed at the people who have no interest and just vote for whoever to get it over and done with - sometimes that'll be why others suffer. If that makes sense. Great post love x
    visit my blog if you like x

    1. I agree so much. Just like protest votes, it's stupid and dangerous!


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