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For years I have loved Lauren Conrad. From Laguna Beach to the highly drama filled The Hills to now with her fashion lines, books and beauty tips. I think The Hills was one of the places my love affair with fashion started.

I used to, and occasionally still do, spend days on the sofa watching re runs of the best voted The Hills episodes. She always seems to just get it right. I don't think I've seen anything I haven't personally loved (Okay, well we can ignore some of the early Laguna episodes.)

I turn to Lauren for all sorts of occasions but especially for work wear. I'm not one to dress overly smart for work as I simply don't feel comfortable in it. I think it's just a personal preference but luckily I've always been in jobs where "uniform" isn't overly strict! However I don't want to turn up in a jumper and comfy trouser options as much as I'd love to. 

LC was a major part in swaying me to taking the chop to my hair in 2014... and I'm so glad I did. It's easier to maintain and care for plus it suits my face shape better in my opinion.

Any of you a fan of LC and/or The Hills? Who was your favourite and favourite episode?! Let me know who your style inspiration is down below.



  1. I'm not a fan of the hills but I love Lauren's style she always looks so effortless // UK Fashion Blog

  2. She's got a lovely style! Such a good fashion inspo. I don't have many fashion inspirations sadly. x x

  3. I love Lauren Conrad's style myself, effortless woman she is! x

  4. Ahh! I love Lauren & Laguna Beach was by far the best. I mean I loved the Hills too, but come on :) I need to go re-stalk her life; I feel like i've been out of touch.



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