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Hello all!
I realised I never really spoke about my trip to Paris earlier this month to celebrate one of my closest friends 21st birthday. I miss it so much, it has so much History that three days didn't feel long enough to take it all in. It's honestly so breathtaking from the architecture to it's culture. However even though I come from a French background sadly the language was something I never stuck with so when ordering food it was the typical point or butcher the word.

The city at night is something that can only be described at incredible. We headed down to the Eiffel Tower during the day but also in the evening to see the brief light display. It seems ridiculous but we lay on the floor and just watched.

I cannot express how truly happy I felt! The whole trip was rounded up with a christmassy filled Disney day. I don't think I've laughed so hard, good friends are the best gift. My personal highlights would have to be the man stacking it on the train because no matter how hard you try it is impossible to not laugh when someone falls in a comedic fashion (he was okay though) and doing the stereotypical thing of not figuring out the metro map and getting in a right tizz to only be told it was in fact the bus map.... which it said in bold and in English right in front of us. Tourists eh?

I feel like I need to travel more and see what's out there. There's so much to be discovered and learn! I think I may have the travelling bug.

Maybe one day.

Hope you enjoyed my remincising! x


  1. The traveling bug always bites you the hardest right after you've been home from a great trip, and from the looks of the photos it seemed like it was a wonderful trip! I can't imagine visiting Paris, much less visiting with all my friends. I've been wanting to travel with my friends so badly, but sadly we never get our plans together.

    Your makeup in the photos is stunning as well, especially that cat eye - that's skill! lol :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

  2. I love your blog so much! Just followed you on Blog Lovin' so I don't miss any of your amaziiinggg posts!!!! xx Caroline //

  3. Lovely photos! x


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