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How is it already practically December?!

As it is that time of the month (NOT THAT TIME) here are a few things I picked up over the last few weeks. I decided to ditch the normal sit down and talk through favourites video! This is more of a 'here are loads of things I bought this month and really liked and use all the time when i get ready' or in other words a haul, favourites and a GRWM all in one!

1. On The Spot Foundation - Seventeen by Boots.
My skin has decided to flip out on me. One day it will be fine and behave then it decided it hates me and will be horrible for a few days. This contains spot fighting ingredients that have helped with my face gremlins and I have noticed the difference. You do need to use it for a while to notice the changes though.

2. Anatasia Brow Wiz, Taupe.
My eyebrows will always be my nemesis. However, I have managed to get some sort of routine with the help of this brow pencil. Having the spoolie really helps if you have heavy handed tendencies like myself to soften and make the brows look natural. The colour match is perfect for me as it doesn't come out with any reddish tones like most products I've used aimed for blondes.

3. 24hr Colour Tattoo, Taupe by Maybelline.
Right I am super late to the Colour Tattoo party I know but I have learned the error of my ways. They make for the perfect base or by themselves.

4. Elysium Palette by MUA.
I was in the need of a good new palette with new colours I don't usually wear but still keeping with the autumnal/wintery colour scheme with a good mix of highly pigmented shimmers and mattes you can't go wrong with it, especially for £4.

5. 01 Kate Moss for Rimmell
Everyone knows I love my red lips and I had seemed to have pushed this one to the side for a few months. However it's now back in my life and being used very frequently.

6. Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
I think its safe to say Zoe is killing it right now. (I know I should never say that again)I'm a few chapters in and am really enjoying it, for some reason I was a little apprehensive it would be targeted a lot more to the younger readers of her demographic but I think the way it's written and the story itself really can appeal to all ages .I cannot wait to read more! I also love that's its a hardback, I always prefer hardback to paperback?! Am I being really weird or do other people get that?

7. Rough Texturiser by Tony&Guy
Since having my barnet cut it's seemed to be a bit flat. I'm not too sure why but this little gem has worked wonders! Plus it smells REALLY nice and doesn't have the sickly chemical hairspray smell to it.

8. Super Cool Colours in Violet Skies, Rose and Bruised Violet.
    Rose Shampoo and Conditioner
    Live Forever Shampoo & Conditioner by Bleach London.
As you would have been able to tell, I've been playing around with my hair for the past few months. I've spoken about my love for Bleach London here. I really do think they're such a good brand and I've never had any disasters with their products. The shampoo and conditioner really help prolong the colour due to the pigment which can add to the colour already there or give you a pretty subtle pink hue. The Live Forever acts as a protection and ensures the fading process is prolonged!

So that's it for this month! I don't think there will be a December Favourites due to Christmas. If you enjoyed this let me know and let me know what you've been loving this month! 

Lots of love,
Trudy x


  1. I've been curious about 'Girl Online' as well and did feel that it had quite a young narrative when I read a sample of it, but, as you mentioned, is most likely very enjoyable to many ages nonetheless. I'll probably give it a go this Christmas :) Great post!

  2. This is great! love the video


  3. Great post.

  4. Great picks for the month and you have a lovely blog btw! xx

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