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I decided after much deliberation it was high time I had a big ol' chop off my hair. I haven't had it cut for about a year so it was very much needed. After a lot of dying and bleaching my hair kind of shrivelled a little bit and was just dead. It was very limp and lifeless but now I am so much happier because I have a happy healthy head of hair!

One of my must haves now is this Intensive Repair Leave In Conditioner by Dove. I've never used any sort of leave in conditioner long term but before my choppage, I though I would try something in the mean time and this is amazing. It really hydrated my hair and made a noticeable difference. You can use this on either wet or dry hair and just let it do its thing, nothing better than a fuss free product. The smell of this is pretty nice too, nothing too special but gives that fresh scent.

So, that's my new do!

Lots of love,
Trudy x

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