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Oh isn’t this the controversial topic at the moment.

After a twitter storm a few nights ago, I thought I would probably discuss this in a more controlled environment and explain my thoughts on it all in more than 140 characters per tweet.

I personally love Youtube and blogs. I watch videos more than I watch TV when I think about it, probably because my TV has been in its box since March still waiting to be set up. However watching people show me new items of clothing and beauty bits that are out there is helpful to me. If I’m honest I’m rubbish at finding these myself and as I’m nosy, I like seeing what other people buy and how they style things. Some websites such as Primark don’t have the best website, so I’ll often find myself traipsing through Primark hauls to see what’s out there – sue me I’m lazy, I don’t want to go outside in the cold and possibly come home empty handed. I’ve learnt how to do my makeup from the internet and self-teaching myself. I mean, if you had asked me what contouring was about 4/5 years ago I would have looked at you blankly. I know now what suits me, what doesn’t suit me and little tips and tricks!

In terms of Vloggers, and daily vloggers, again IM NOSY WHO ISNT. Let’s face it, it is a lot less mind numbing than half the crappy (scripted) reality TV shows available now. I think it’s a little hypocritical to let the X factor novelty acts each year be famous, I'm talking about the Wagners of each series, and then complain about someone making videos or blogging. I am interested in how other people live their lives and their experiences and how they go about things. I’ve even learned to bloomin’ cook beause of the blogs and youtubers of foody people, or you chefs if you want to be professional about it. ME TRUDY COOKING WHO KNEW.

What I don’t agree with? Making stupid people famous. There are a handful of “Youtubers” who you can just tell are in it for the money and fame that goes with it. We all know by now the shocking behaviours that some of these people have displayed from having such “power”. Those are the people I don’t agree with. I however, do believe that there are such talented people on YouTube such as comedians, actors, musicians, filmmakers, first time mums and people travelling the world and working with numerous charities. Why are they forgotten about and criticised in the same boat as these idiots? These are the people that should be supported, and as the wonderful Lucy Wood put it not the “sweaty little oik off of big brother”.

It’s this expectation now that if you stick a video on youtube or write a blogpost, you should get a gazillion views and boom, you’re sorted. It’s not at all, I’ve dabbled in videos because I enjoy making them simply but do they have instantly 10000000 views? No. Nor do I expect them to have. That idea of that number of people seeing my face actually freaks me out a little. I mean take a One Direction show for instance. I was overwhelmed then by the sheer amount of people in the stadium, put that into YouTube and Blogger statics, that’s an enormous amount of pressure and not at all terrifying. It’s these expectations that don’t sit right with me, like by all means have aspirations but don’t expect to be famous and life a lavish lifestyle in your early teens and 20’s that easily. I’m soon to be 20, living at home and realistically won’t be moving out anytime soon. I’ve had two great jobs, and one rubbish one that left me in tears every day because I didn’t want to go and feel walked over for 8+ hours. Working is hard, life is bloody hard. So for those “sweaty little oiks” to be able to afford such luxuries and various holidays is infuriating for those who can’t even afford to see their best friend for months because the train fare is too dear. The reality is, if you work hard you deserve success.

People like Zoella and the like are constantly put under fire for “not having a real job” and having amazing opportunities. I personally don’t think that’s a fair comment to make. I don’t think anyone expected for YouTube and blogging to blow up as much as it has. To have SIX MILLION people supporting what you do is a serious amount of pressure and the way it’s handled is so commendable in my eyes. I think it’s incredible that people can make what they love, their job. (in the right way). The fact ordinary people can be able to release clothing lines, something I really want to do but probably will never do, release beauty lines and books is incredible. I mean look how far the internet and us humans have come. I also think the fact it’s stemmed from the internet unsettles people which is a bit ridiculous in my eyes.

I do think however the way some people are viewed by their audience, in particular the younger audience is a bit much. I’ve met a few Youtubers and bloggers at random events, and comedy shows and it was so lovely to meet the people I’ve been reading and watching for years without the immense screaming and rushedness? I didn’t feel “fangirly”, it felt like talking to someone you knew… which is weird. Would I queue up for 10 or so hours for a two minute Hi – Photo – Hug – Bye? No, absolutely not. I don’t think anyone benefits from that.

I started blogging because I was bored. My videos from my holidays and days are out are for me and friends to look back on, and if other people enjoy them than that’s cool too. I didn’t really put much effort into any of it because no one really read it or paid attention. However I have gained a few more readers, not an outrageous number but a good handful of 40 which has made want to carry on. Even that surprised me. Blogging has lead me to meet some lovely people whom I can now call friends, and for me that’s the only goal I have, is to make more likeminded friends. Do I think I should make money from it? No. I don’t view what I write carelessly worth a pay check. In the future? Who knows what the blogging word would have progressed to? Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. There are a lot more people who put so much effort into their little corner of the internet that deserve it more.

It’s a risk to make blogging and YouTube your job in my eyes. It might not last forever; the income may not always be steady. So, I salute those taking that risk and having it literally pay off. Who cares about the opinion of the sweaty oiks in reality who would rather sit on the internet all day slagging everyone off and viscously attacking those doing well for themselves, than going out and getting a job and building their own success.

So, if you’re making people happy, laugh and learn, carry on as you so wish. If you’re making a positive impact on the world, why shouldn’t you have success?


  1. Keep blogging, your voice is important :)

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I'm especially with you on the not queuing for 10 hours and much like you I watch videos because I'm nosey!

    Zia Tavut | Music, books, life, etc...

  3. You have such a strong voice, and I am so incredibly glad you are sharing it to the world.

    Jess Heart xxxxxxxxx


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