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Today, the internet was again, taken back by another video by Sam Pepper. I'm not going to even link it because I don't see the point nor even discussing the pure idiocy of the comment section.

So, Sam. I'd like to know, if you had a daughter, or girlfriend how would you feel to have some stranger go up to her and touch her without her consent. How would you feel if a stranger did that to you in the name of comedy and entertainment?

It's sad that a common theme of your videos, which I have happily unsubscribed from which I should have done months ago, is some form of act towards girls. You can see by the first woman you groped, that her reaction said it all. There is no situation where that's ok. You may have "fame" for sitting in a house on TV and having an online presence but that does not warrant you being an arsehole.

If I had been one of those girls, I would have felt horrified, embarrassed and quite frankly, would have wanted to punch you right there and then. There have been a number of times when out alone, sometimes in a group where this behavior has been displayed and I cannot stress the discomfort it puts girls in. I, along with a lot of girls (and guys, obviously) sadly have to reconsider things as simple as what we're wearing in case people take that as an open invite to our bodies. I'm even scared to get the train home alone or a taxi by myself for these very reasons. How sad is that, I'm nearly 20 and I'm worried about getting home safely?

People can see this is an overreaction, but in a time where anything can happen walking down the street, I think it's more than fair to take this "prank" more seriously. I'm not sure how long this post will even last as right now its stemmed from annoyance. I'm glad to see other people in the same stance or in general have the same response as the rest of us, and know how to treat girls properly.

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