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First of this month’s favourites is the Boots Witch Hazel and Tea Tree range. I’ve been searching for ages for that special something to help sort my skin out. As is the case for a lot of people, it really is trial and error to find the routine that works for you. After watching a video of the lovely Sarah mentioning the Blemish stick, I went to Boots on my lunch break and bought a few items from the range. After a couple of days there was a noticeable difference to my skin, it was a lot clearer, brighter and softer.

Day Moisturiser – Unlike any other moisturiser I’ve tried, the consistency of this is wonderful and really cooling on the skin as it’s a gel formula rather than a cream. It dries within a minute or two and is the ‘perfect prep’ for makeup.
Night Gel – Again this is super cooling on the skin which is great after a long day. I tend to apply this after I’ve used a facemask before bed. Also super relaxing!
Back Spray – I use this more as an all over for a quick skin refresh more so than for its actual purpose.

I definitely will be picking up more of what they have to offer soon, especially as every item is under £5.

Next is the Revlon Colour Stay Foundation. This has become my go to foundation for the past month or so. Shade wise it’s perfect and is a medium to high coverage. I’m on the pretty pale side so finding a shade for me can be a challenge sometimes; I’ve even had to mix a white foundation in some cases to match which isn’t ideal.

It promises to be ‘flawless looking and weightless for 16 perfect hours’ I wouldn't say that it lasts for 16 hours but it does last for a good while and can be a little hard to budge when using some removers. For me this is great because my work day can vary from being in the office to out and about or running across town. I hardly touch up apart from a little powder during the day. 

This MUA palette has become my everyday go to for eye shadows. The payoff is amazing, especially for £6 for 10 shades. This also includes a shimmery blue, green and purple which are colours I don’t usually sway to but this month I’ve tried to ‘branch out’ of my makeup comfort zone. As you can see it's well loved due to the terrible state of the packaging.

Next up is a dye from bye Bleach London in the colour ‘Blullini’. Following their instagram always makes me want to do my hair a range of different colours so I thought why not? Only issue, as with a lot of blue dyes is the fading generally gets to a green/yellow colour which is stubborn to shift; this can be fixed with the Bleach washing out liquid.

Carmex, the perfect fix for chapped lips days.

A film favourite now, all I have to say / sing to you through the internet is DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN? For those who don’t know the reference, I cannot stop watching Frozen.

A music favourite of this month is Banks. I’ve been listening to her for a while now and she is not one of those you have in a playlist on shuffle and skip over. Brain has been on repeat since I first heard it, listen to it here.  I really hope I can see her live at some point because she is just too good to miss again.

Lastly is a blogger favourite which is the lovely Sarah (as mentioned earlier!) I’ve been watching her videos/reading her blog for a while now and she’s just lovely. Her outfit posts always make me end up making a very long wish list! Be sure to check her out.

*images are my own.

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