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Last weekend I visited Evans and Peel Detective Agency Bar in Earls Court for one of my best friends 20th birthday. I found the concept of this 1920's American style bar very unique and you can see the effort to maintain character due to the staff and decor. 

The first thing that I loved was on arrival you state your "case" and you get asked actual questions that really make you go into more depth on something you probably didn't even think about. Our case was a missing friend (just couldn't actually come along) and we were asked where we thought he might be, about his social media activity and possible locations. Then, we were lead through a bookcase from the small office to a larger bar room which was authentically decorated complete with a 1920's soundtrack played throughout. 

The only downside to bars like this and a lot of interesting bars in London are the prices, especially when you may be on a budget. At £9-£10.50 a cocktail I tried two and they were both perfectly mixed and tasted pretty damn good, I can confirm that you do get what you pay for as two drinks were definitely enough for 5 pm on a Saturday afternoon. We managed to rack up a bill of around £80 between four of us, so I'd say personally it's somewhere I'd only visit every so often or for special occasions.

If you want to go somewhere new or just try out a themed bar I'd say give Evans and Peel a go!


What I'm Wearing: 

Jacket: H&M 
Dress: Forever 21 
Shoes: River Island 
Bag: Primark

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